Mark has a unique and direct entrepreneurial spirit. His direct approach to a situation is well thought out and planned, but he also has the ability to shift gears to achieve a similar outcome. Mark would never ask someone to do something that he already hasn't done himself or wouldn't do himself, which allows people to adapt to his personality and makes him so likable. After conversing with Mark on a subject he's passionate about, you walk away thinking "I get it now, I really get it", because Mark can sell it with his passion and personality, whether he's sitting in front of a board requesting funding for an idea or project or whether he's sitting in front of a room full of truck drivers

Randy Sheeler

Vice President of Sales


I have known and worked with Mark for many years when he worked with our company. He is very professional and sincere and gets the job done!

Cheryl Gancarz



I have worked with Mark on a number of projects with challenging objectives regarding quality, cost and timing, and I have found Mark a valuable asset in creating solutions that work - on time and on budget.

John Ruf

Technical - Science and Technology