By m_klipsch | Aug 19, 2021

Man, it’s been a hot summer! During this most recent heat wave, I read in Time Magazine that, “Meteorologists say heat waves like this one hit the northern hemisphere every year—even if they do not typically cover such a broad area—but in the coming decades Americans should expect stronger and more frequent hot spells.” Now,…

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Lead Source Tracking…Why it’s Integral to Your Business Success

By m_klipsch | Jul 22, 2021

Imagine this scenario: You get in your car.  You start up the engine.  You put the car in reverse.  You look straight forward.  And you slam on the gas. It wouldn’t take very long for you to be in a state of total destruction. You’d never do this in a car (hopefully).  Yet, this is how…

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Do’s & Don’ts To Make Your Business Hot…And Enjoy Your Summer!

By m_klipsch | Jun 24, 2021

As we head into summer and our thoughts turn to fun in the sun, family vacations, and days at the beach… or wherever you might enjoy spending your leisure time… I want to encourage you to step back and take a look at your client acquisition process. If you are like a lot of business…

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Is Your Business Like A Leaky Bucket…Full of Holes?

By m_klipsch | May 20, 2021

In my 30+ years in this business I’ve found something that never ceases to amaze me. People are more than willing to throw lots of money at new, unproven tactics when instead they would be better served spending the relatively small amount of time it’d take to fix the holes in their process that are…

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