What Business Owners Don’t Know About Price…..

By m_klipsch | Dec 17, 2021

For starters, they do not understand how elastic price is. Only a small percentage of buyers of anything make decisions solely or predominately based on cheapest price. If more did, the Yugo’d be the car you see on the road most; no clothing store would exist but Wal-Mart. One of my favorite stories has to…

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Why You Must Define Your Why

By m_klipsch | Nov 11, 2021

Darren Hardy, Editor of ‘Success’ magazine has a great presentation that demonstrates the importance of knowing your WHY. I’ll tell you his story in a second, (you’ll get a kick out of it) …But first let me tell you what I mean when I talk about your ‘WHY’. Let’s use ‘Jane’ as an example… Say…

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Coronavirus-Impacted Businesses Can Use the Employee Retention Tax Credit

By m_klipsch | Oct 21, 2021

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), a provision of the CARES Act, was designed to incentivize businesses to keep employees on their payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many American businesses around the country struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, the government responded by passing multiple stimulus packages and tax credits. One crucial tax credit…

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By m_klipsch | Aug 19, 2021

Man, it’s been a hot summer! During this most recent heat wave, I read in Time Magazine that, “Meteorologists say heat waves like this one hit the northern hemisphere every year—even if they do not typically cover such a broad area—but in the coming decades Americans should expect stronger and more frequent hot spells.” Now,…

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