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The Olympic Formula Of A GKIC Champion

By m_klipsch | Aug 2, 2016

With the Summer Olympics quickly approaching, there are a lot of stories about how different athletes are making their way to this prestigious event. Some stories have to do with overcoming challenges. And some are, well a bit more unusual… But the point is that people do all sorts of things in pursuit of success.…

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By m_klipsch | Jul 31, 2016

Why should ANYONE do business with you? What’s in a slogan?  Not much apparently. Recently I came across an extensive survey, by brand consultancy Emergence, done way back in 2003.  It measured the effectiveness of advertising slogans among 22 of the nation’s largest marketers that spend more than 100 million a year on ads.  Only…

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By m_klipsch | Jul 29, 2016

  Today, I thought I’d answer the number one question people ask me…  “What is the most important thing I can do for my business right now to start getting more customers, clients or patients and making more money?” Granted there is not a completely simple answer to this question, but I will give you…

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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words…or Ten’s of Thousand’s of Dollars

By m_klipsch | Jan 15, 2016

While my friend Dave Dee is certainly not artist in the traditional sense, he and I have created masterpieces that have brought in ten’s and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The more important thing is, the masterpiece Dave is about to share, can be worth ten’s (or hundreds in the right hands) of thousands to you as well!…

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