A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words…or Ten’s of Thousand’s of Dollars

While my friend Dave Dee is certainly not artist in the traditional sense, he and I have created masterpieces that have brought in ten’s and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The more important thing is, the masterpiece Dave is about to share, can be worth ten’s (or hundreds in the right hands) of thousands to you as well!


This little sketch is something Dave calls “The Ultimate Marketing Machine”.  Let me ‘splain.

While it may not look like much at first blush, it’s actually a blueprint for how any business owner can create a automated system for attracting their ideal prospects and converting them into customers, clients or patients on auto-pilot.

Let’s start where I like to start, at the beginning…


Leads are the life-blood of any and every business and they are where the Ultimate Marketing Machine begins.  In the sketch above Dave drew for proven ways to attract leads that are working today.  They are postcards, flyers, facebook and business cards…YES business cards.

Using the right, simple phrasing, these four types of media can generate all the leads you’ll ever need.  But notice I said the right simple phrasing.  That’s where most business owners go wrong.  They create generic ads that look like everyone else’s and are missing key components like:

  • An Attention Getting Headline
  • A Benefit Laden Offer
  • A Clear Call To Action

When these three components are used, you’ll have all the leads you can handle.  Notice though that I’ve included a minimum of four, you never want just one lead source, but more on that later.  Let’s move on to step two where all the little arrows are pointing.


Leads in and of themselves are worth nothing.  You need to systematically turn them into prospects.  You may be asking “what’s the difference.”  Think of a lead as someone who you don’t know who you have no information about who may not even be interested in your product or service.  Think of a prospect as a person who tells you they are interested in your product or service and gives you their information.

This is the box that has the three rectangles in it and on this sketch it represents a lead capture web page.  The important thing is to direct people (step one) to a page that offers them something in exchange for their information.  Now you’ve turned a lead into a prospect so we’ll move on to step three.


Everything we’ve done up until now costs us time and money.  Converting prospects into sales is where most entrepreneurs and businesses fail miserably by not spending the proper time or money on this step.  You can do everything right up until now and get them 90% of the way to the sale, but if you don’t make the effort on this step you might as well be giving your customers, clients or patients to your competitors.

Step three is really EVERYTHING you see after step two.  In fact there are 21 things included in step three and all of them lead to making the sale.  Now this does NOT mean you do all 21 things.  In fact most of them time you’ll just have to do 2, 3 or 4 of the things and you’ll make the sale and you’ll stop from there.  The reality though is that “the fortune is in the follow-up” and while it may seem daunting, I’d be happy to meet with you and get into the details on exactly whats included in each step when you need to send each step AND how to automate it.  Pretty cool!

Yup, you set it up once, and then these 21 steps are like an unpaid sales force, that never call in sick, and work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Pretty cool.  These include things like your Shock and Awe box with your A.C.E Sale Multiplier, your automated emails that convert like crazy, three follow-up letters that are simple, fun and in one case delicious, monthly mailings that NONE of your competition is doing and more.

So now that you know the process of how to attract leads, how to turn your leads into prospects and how to convert those prospects into customers, clients or patients, I think you’ll agree with me that this little sketch is pretty darn valuable. Schedule a marketing strategy session with me now by clicking here.

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