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Why You Must Define Your Why

Darren Hardy, Editor of ‘Success’ magazine has a great presentation that demonstrates the importance of knowing your WHY. I’ll tell you his story in a second, (you’ll get a kick out of it) …But first let me tell you what I mean when I talk about your ‘WHY’. Let’s use ‘Jane’ as an example… Say…

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Why Should You Start Information Marketing?

We’re big believers in information marketing, which is THE way to establish yourself as the leading expert for the niche market that you serve and building a booming business that is based precisely off of your amazing expertise. That’s why we want to share this article with you.   Enjoy!

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The best of the best at making money…together at last!

Forget about mowing the lawn.  Or catching the ballgame.  Or checking out that new action flick.   Forget about whatever you had planned…   …because this Saturday, there’s someplace else you need to be.   If you want to multiply your income…If you want to take your sales to the next level…and if you want…

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Mind Games

You might find what I’m about to say disturbing.   You might be squeamish about it BUT it IS important if you are interested in making more money.   I’m talking about taking over the thoughts of your customers, clients, patients and prospects so they are compelled to buy whatever it is you’re selling.  …

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